Susan Morgan (Chair)

Susan is an experienced public-sector auditor with a strong background in governance, multi-agency partnerships and communication. A qualified teacher and trainer, she has worked to support young people in various volunteering roles for many years and is an independent director of a UK young people’s charity.

Likes: Outdoor swimming and reading to young children while doing all the funny voices

Dislikes: Impatient driving styles and celebrity culture

In another life I’m pretty sure I was… a dancer because I love doing it even though I’m pretty rubbish these days!


Gabriella Cox

Gabriella has a strong network of businesses, universities and government, both locally and nationally. Gabriella works with businesses across the South West region sector to innovate and grow, namely with companies in the digital and creative sector which is where her interest in digital resilience has stemmed from. She has a strong interest in the effects of a changing digital world on young people and is keen to work on initiatives that help tackle these issues.

Likes: Surprises and lazy Sundays with movies, pjs and roast dinner.

Dislikes: When the cleaning fairies forget to come and clean my house and train delays/cancellations

In another life I’m pretty sure I was… a Koala because sleeping and eating are my two strongest skills


Peter McCowen

Peter is a Social and Organisational Psychologist and has trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and systemic approaches to family and organisational systems.  He has been a volunteer counsellor with Off the Record and on the Board for over fourteen years. He brings a wide range of experience of supporting organisational development.

Likes: Classical music, being outdoors walking my dog

Dislikes: Cruelty to people and animals

In another life I’m pretty sure I was… being a psychologist again as I find it so interesting.

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Carolyn Trustee .jpg

Carolyn Maggs

Carolyn has a wealth of experience working with employers and educationalists to develop young people’s employability, building their confidence and raising aspirations.  She has worked with many young people whose circumstances benefit greatly from the additional support an organisation such as OTR can give. For more information on Carolyn’s experience visit:

Likes: My husband, sunshine

Dislikes: Rudeness and lamb roast

In another life I’m pretty sure I was… an Olympic athlete!


Tessa Hibbert

Tessa Hibbert is Regional Partnerships Manager for the Blagrave Trust, an independent grant making Foundation. She manages relationships with a portfolio of youth charities across the South East of England. Prior to entering grant making, Tessa worked as a consultant in the youth sector for the Young Foundation and others, with particular expertise in impact measurement. Tessa is passionate about the importance of listening to young people and brings her knowledge of good governance, outcomes evaluation, and managing relationships with funding partners to the Board. She lives near Bath with her two daughters.

Likes: Feeling I’m making a difference for young people who need support and living in the West Country

Dislikes: Funding and policy decisions that don’t take account of their impact on vulnerable people and extreme sports

In another life I’m pretty sure I was… a fly on the wall

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Louise Protherough Jones

Likes: Italy. Music and Theatre especially seeing my heroine Maggie Smith.

Dislikes: Injustice, litter, and people spitting in the street

In another life I’m pretty sure I was… a Viking. I am brave and love the Danish concept of Hygge!