Mental Health affects everyone and by the age of just 24, 75% of lifetime mental health problems are established. Off The Record supports young people with their emotional wellbeing to prevent long term issues.

 Off the record accepts corporate support of any kind, in any form.  We are always on the lookout for businesses that can help us make a difference to the people who live and work in the local area.

 If you are looking to make a difference locally then either choose one of our corporate support packages or get in touch and make us an offer.  

Support Packages

£150 Sponsor a Young Person

Last year Off the Record helped 1688 young people in the BANES region alone.  On average a young person will need six sessions with a member of our team. This covers the cost to support one young person.

Please let us know how many people you would like to support through their mental health journey. 

£1000 Sponsor a Group session

We run a number of group sessions which cost c. £1000 each time to run as they not only require a venue, materials and snacks, but they also require trained staff to facilitate the mental health support.

Let us know what type of session you would like to support:

  • LGBT support

  • Parents Workshop

  • Loneliness Workshop

  • Youth Voice meeting

  • Ways to wellbeing group 

£1500 Sponsor a Counsellor

One counsellor can change the lives of so many young people.  £1500 will pay for us to put in place counselling every week of the year in one of our Community settings.

£2000 Sponsor our Listening Support volunteers

Our volunteer Listening Support volunteers are amazing. They can enable over 30 young people in a year to find the right way forward for them, and be happy and healthy. £2000 would help us to train and equip ten volunteers over three months.

£5000+ Augment our Future

We are looking to run a number of projects to help support our young people in more innovative ways.  Whilst we have a number of technical partners who can provide us time and energy to develop new products and services, we are still lacking the financial backing to bring these to life.

Potential Projects:

  • Augmented Reality keyring project - providing instant support and giving young people the opportunity to talk about mental health openly with friends

  • Anxiety Wearables - providing comfort objects with sensor technology to support young people with anxiety

If you are seeking funding for a mental health-based project, then as long as your objectives line up with ours, we may be able to offer a letter of support for your bid. 

Off the record also accepts gifts/labour in kind. We are looking for:

  • Collateral - we are seeking a supplier to design and/or print the following items:

    • Banners

    • Exhibition Stand

    • Leaflets

    • Poster print outs

    • Business Cards

    • Notebooks

  • Photographer - do you love taking photos of people? We are always on the lookout for professional photographers who can help us build our stock photo collection. The challenge with charity work is that we can’t photograph the young people using our services and therefore it’s hard to make the charity relatable.  Creative photographers are sought.

  • Training - the majority of our staff work for the love of the job.  It’s important to us that these staff remain trained up on all the latest, from project management to leadership and resilience. If you run a certificated course and would be willing to offer a place to one or more of our team members, we would love to talk to you.


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