Depression / Low Mood.

It’s normal to feel down sometimes, especially if something upsetting has happened. Sometimes, feeling low can be a constant feeling that you can’t seem to move on from- and it starts to affect your everyday life.


Hear my story - Ellen

16-year-old Ellen self-referred herself to OTR’s Listening Support service. Ellen’s presenting issue was that sometimes she felt very low, tearful and with a loss of appetite. Her dad suffered from depression and her mum was always busy with work. She felt that she had no one to talk to and always put a ‘brave’ face on when with her friends. 

Although Ellen wasn’t that talkative, she relished coming to the sessions. It was a safe space for her, where she could be genuine with her feelings.

The main issue for Ellen was the fact that she couldn’t talk to her parents and that upset her the most.

Eventually, Ellen told her mum exactly how she was feeling, it was a really hard thing for her to do. Through the weeks with encouragement, she began to talk more with her parents. They now play an important role in her well-being. They are now listening to her, aware of her feelings and helping her through her low moods.

Ellen is now using our Listening Support service every other week.


Do you have any questions about low mood or depression, or feel you need some support?




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