Artemis' Poem

I am mutually exclusive

A basic example that is always used

Not a boy, then a girl

There's no inbetween 

You can see how I got confused

At 8, I cut my hair

Lopped it off from waist to jaw

Upon seeing this, my mum only recalled

Her own past of being mistook for a boy 


At 9, I stopped wearing skirts

Not because they weren't to my favour

I loved the long fabric as it fell on my legs

I just disliked that it made me a 'her'.


At 12, I started to bleed

And I wept because there is no place

No space in the middle of me

Now a girl, now a woman, a teen. 


At 13, I tested the water

That was always too shallow for me

The binary is a small pair of shorts

That never quite reached my knees. 


At 14, I changed my appearance

Cut my hair, bought boys clothes, started to bind

Not 'cause I hated my body-

Because I hated what it defined

It is now I struggle to break 

The spoon-fed rules of what to be

I took it all in, the insults, abuse

I tried just to be me. 


And I am mutually exclusive 

Stuck in the middle, not 'a' or 'b'

I am what they call 'they'

And that's perfectly OK

I'll continue to choose option 'c'.


Artemis, 15