The ever new world of dyslexia - Spoken word poem

My dyslexia is like  

An iceberg 

Because I cannot 

Decipher it all 

Every particle is 

Fused and cannot be 

Separated from 

Its neighbour 

From the parts of 

Me that’s something else 

From a part of me that’s taken 

What is it that joins to 

Asperses, dyspraxia, ADHD  

And shares me and them 

What takes me to  

Other lands and spaces shared 

With numbers, emotions,  

Words, light, colours, 

Shoaled fish deep below the ice 

Joined together forming  

Something always new 

Pulled in the current together 

Take me to the unseen 

To new sirens  

Giving me new eyes. 

- Written by young person, Maisie