School / Exams.

School/College is a big part of your life and its completely normal to feel anxious or worried about it. Often it can become overwhelming and you can easily feel pressured; especially when you have exams or deadlines.


Hear Jhoemar’s Story

I’ve recently completed mock exams at school and I’ve failed all of them…I thought I had done better than what I actually did. I feel disappointed with myself…I didn’t revise…I can’t motivate myself to revise.

People expect me to do really well and when I don’t, I feel like I let people down. I struggle with a lot of subjects and don’t know how to ask for help. When I try, I just end up shouting at teachers and losing my temper. I get in more trouble.

I’m actually worried about my future. If I have failed all of my mock exams, I’m going to fail all of my real ones. Then, I won’t get the job I want, and that leaves me feeling helpless and regretful.

I think exams are pointless because if I fail them, there is nothing to show for the years I’ve spent at school. I’m a child, I don’t need this pressure while I’m trying to figure out who I am.

When I fail exams, I’m seen as a failure. When I fail exams, I’m seen as a disappointment. When I fail exams, I’m seen as someone who doesn’t try. Then I start to believe that that is all I am.

But I do try. I try every day. Nobody knows how much I try. But I can’t do it.

I need to remember I am more than my exam results. I am nice. I am funny. I am compassionate.

I am friendly, reliable and intelligent. 

I am trying.

I speak to an Off the Record counsellor which helps me to not have so much stuff on my mind at once. When I talk about things that worry me, I can get on with my day, and remember that I am worth so much more than my exams.


Do you have any questions about school/college or feel you need some support?




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