What’s Up?

Sometimes our friends and family can have tough times – this can affect them, but also the people around them. If you can see that a friend or relative is struggling, then here’s some ideas about what you can do:

  • Talk to them about your worries – sometimes people aren’t aware of their struggles until they speak to someone else, or someone talks to them about it. Try and keep it factual, for example behavioural changes that you’ve noticed, or how they’re making you feel.

  • Encourage them to seek help – recognising that something has changed is a good first step, and then encouraging them to ask for help is the next step. Identifying some different options might help them see that they can get some help.

  • What options are there available for 10 – 25 year olds – OTR will see and meet with anyone and talk about anything. We offer a safe space that’s non-judgemental and free to access. We’ll work with you to find a way forward. There’s also a the option of calling our phoneline if attending a meeting feels too much or is difficult to arrange. If that feels too much, then your GP will always be available to speak to about any health concerns you have.