Anger is a normal feeling that we all feel. Something or someone can anger you. If you always feel angry or if it starts to affect your everyday life- it can be difficult to openly talk about your feelings.


Hear my story - Lewis

Lewis self-referred himself to the Off the Record Counselling Service. He had previously used the service at school to talk about his feelings after his grandad had passed away.

This time, Lewis wished to use the sessions to talk about the troubles in his family. He was currently not speaking or in any form of contact with his mum, he felt fragile after the first Christmas without his grandad, and his step-mum had recently left his dad. He expressed that he was finding the combination of these three things very stressful.

The sessions focused upon feelings of sadness and feelings of anger. Lewis was experiencing a lot of anger towards his step-mum, wishing to act violently against her. The counsellor at OTR used motivational interviewing techniques to talk through the consequences of violence with Lewis. This helped Lewis identify a problem with his tendency to break furniture at home when angry, and he wished to have a stressball to use as a preventative strategy. A couple of weeks after receiving a stressball from the counsellor, Lewis expressed that he was using the ball to control his angry outbursts at home, trying hard to channel his anger into squeezing the ball.

When exploring his feelings of sadness, Lewis used music to try to share and explain his feelings. He would pick songs that either reminded him of a certain person or situation and together the counsellor and Lewis would listen and talk about the emotion within the song and how it manifested within Lewis. This has enabled Lewis to begin understanding how past events are impacting his present emotions.

The sessions also became a place for Lewis to celebrate his achievements. Throughout the sessions, it became clear that Lewis did not have anyone he trusted at home to talk about either positive or negative feelings/situations. School was the environment where he felt supported. He would bring his proud moments to sessions, and the appreciation he received helped him to build confidence and hope around his future.


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