Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Sometimes anxiety may start to affect your daily life and begin to feel a little too much. This can be overwhelming for you to cope with alone.


Hear my story - Ruben

Ruben had a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder and depression and had experience of CAMHS. He felt he had nothing to look forward to and would never be able to get a job or leave home. He had only attended one job interview shortly after graduating during which they felt so humiliated and ashamed by their inability to communicate due to anxiety that they ran from the room in tears. The thought of applying for any other job was so terrifying that he could not see how they would achieve it in the future.

During Ruben’s counselling sessions at OTR. The counsellor talked to Ruben about picturing success at an interview and how it would feel, also that the interview itself would be very different i.e. new people, room etc. Coping mechanisms were suggested to Ruben, for example 7/11 breathing. Also, the counsellor spoke to Ruben about being enthusiastic and concentrating on what he knows rather than worrying about he doesn’t.

Ruben applied for a job and attended an interview soon after and was successful in securing the position.

Ruben’s father had made many comments about Ruben needed to become independent by learning to drive and getting his own place to live, the counsellor explored ways of how Ruben they could overcome the terror he felt at even speaking to a driving instructor

During the last session Ruben was very complimentary about his OTR experience from start to finish and described how he was now in a happy place, enjoying his job and excited about the future. And had his first driving lesson which he ‘quite enjoyed’!


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